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Choosing your puppy Karey Marrs

   When choosing a puppy, you must first decide on your budget.  Dogs are not inexpensive whether you purchase one from the local Shelter or purchase one from a pet store or breeder.  You see your first expense is minimal compared to  life with your new friend. 

   Many breeds take extra care in grooming....many breeds are lap dogs.....many breeds are huge dogs & eat a lot.....many breeds are bred for different jobs in life & need an owner willing to do those jobs with them.....many breeds like to play while others like to sit...others are very intelligent while their counterparts are dumber than posts and only live to be a companion. Some breeds are more child friendly than others.  Make the decision to what best fits your lifestyle and home or apartment. 

   Finding information on different breeds can be done easily by going to Click on puppies, then Breeds.  On this site click on the breed of dog that interests you. It will give you information on size, grooming, & disposition.

   After you have found your breed, you will go looking with the knowledge to be an informed buyer.  You may find your new friend at a pet store, through the internet on pages like puppyfind or by googling breeders of the breed you have chosen.  You can check here on MPBA's website for members who raise your breed if you wish.

   References are the best way to find a good breeder.  If you see your breed of choice in a store, out walking with his owner or you have a friend with the same breed, don't be afraid to ask where they got their puppy and if they were happy with the store or breeder where they purchased him.  Then ask for that persons web site to see if they have puppies available. 

   Remember, this is a new family member.  Do your homework.  It will be time well spent.


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