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The History of MPBA

The Missouri Pet Breeders Association originated as a cooperative effort of many Missouri pet breeders with the help of the University Extension Service and the Missouri Department of Agriculture.


MPBA is dedicated to advancing Missouri pet production and marketing by conducting educational meetings, disseminating informational health materials, introducing producers and our membership to the latest state of the art equipment, feeds and medical practices available and by promoting and cooperating with other organizations to support the pet industry not only in Missouri, but in the USA.


MPBA offers an opportunity to exchange ideas and information with others engaged in the pet industry.  It is an avenue to provide educational materials and information through our magazine, workshops, clinics, and seminars.  Members are kept informed on legislative issues that influence the industry and are consulted on the probable consequences of issues facing the Legislature, fellow statesmen, and membership.  All members receive the quarterly magazine and an annual directory listing members and their breeds.  The Directory is distributed to all licensed veterinary offices within the state of Missouri and both the magazine and directory go to several other states across the nation via members and vendors.


Members are expected to maintain current and necessary licensing by the USDA and the State wherein they reside and uphold the "Code of Ethics".


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Due to the Outbreak of Campylobacteriosis in Dogs we are offering this article by Dr. B on the Subject. Please Click below to read the article.

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Cancer Dogs Save Lives by Karey Marrs

I was talking to a fella at Lowe's and he was telling me that a dog saved his life. He was visiting a friend at the hospital and was approached by a dog and handler in the hallway. The dog came up to him and then laid down in front of him. The handler asked if he was being treated at the hospital. He said that he was visiting a friend. The handler told him to go immediately to his doctor; that he was sick. He did and it saved his life. So I googled it on the internet. If you are interested in training this type of dog, see this link.  It is amazing!

How this Article relates to Dog Breeders is yet to be determined.

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