CGC Training Application


You may hand deliver/mail/email this completed form. Proof of vaccination required to complete application

Stacy Mason

102 W. Redbud Drive, Stillwater, OK 74075

Email: Phone:405-747-6053


Please read and check off each of the following before completing the form below:

[ ] I have read, completed, and understand the required Application for the CGC training to be held at: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[ ] I have provided the required proof of vaccination for each of my pets.


[ ] I understand that I am solely responsible for myself, my pet(s), my children, guests and all personal belongings while on the property for the CGC training.


Owner’s Name: _______________________________

Class: _________________________ Start Date: _____________

Address: _________________________________________

City: ______________ State: _________Zip: ____________


Home #: __________________________

Cell #: ___________________________

Best Contact #: ___________________




Pet’s Name: _______________________________________

Breed: _____________________________ Dog’s age: ____________


Dog’s Sex: [ ] Male [ ] Female [ ] Spayed/Neutered Color: ____________________________ DOB: __________________


Does your dog have any physical limitations/medical problems? [ ] YES [ ] NO


If yes, please list here: _______________________________________________________________


Has this dog attended an obedience class before? [ ] YES [ ] NO If so, what level? ________________________________


Have you attended an obedience class before? [ ] YES [ ] NO If so, what level? ___________________________________


What do you want to accomplish in this class? ____________________________________________________________


All dogs handled by a minor must have prior approval from instructor. Child must weigh at least double the dog’s weight in order to control dog. Children must be supervised through entire class. We reserve the right to request an adult take over training if child is unable to safely handle dog. Parents and/or Guardians Initials __________


Check your schedule to ensure there are no conflicts, elective surgeries for your pet, vacations, etc.


I want to see you and your pet succeed with these training classes. Practice at home is important and will ensure that you and your pet are successful.  Please practice at 15 minutes per day with your pet.


***I understand that I am solely responsible for myself, my pet, my children, guests, and all personal belongings while on said property.***


Signature: ____________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________

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